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The privacy policy is simple. The information that you share with us is never shared with anyone else, period. Whatever information we don't need, we don't collect. What we do collect, we keep secure. Of course, you do not have to share any information with us at all. does not use any unconventional or deceptive methods of extracting information from it's users. You will never receive spam from

Email addresses shared with us are never shared with anybody else, ever. We hate spam, and the staff are active in anti-spam efforts. All email addresses are immediately transferred to a password-protected account on a secure Linux computer that does not function as a public webserver. Email addresses are used for the sole purpose of answering questions, or sending the newsletter in the case of addresses which have opted in to receive it. Advertisers do not have access to the email address list. Even in the unlikely event that the What-Is-What webserver would be hacked, the addresses are not stored onsite and are therefore not vulnerable. Additionally, should the website ever be sold, then I would require each email address to individually confirm their wish to have their information passed on to the new owners. Addresses which do not specifically request to stay with would be erased.

Note that third-party website statistical software and advertisers may be able to track visitors with cookies. For instance, Google Adsense advertisements may leave cookies on visitors' computers. These cookies may be readable by Google when you visit or other websites that use Adsense advertisements. Additionally, uses Google Analytics website statistical software, which records browsing habits. The information is stored in aggregate form on Google's servers, and staff have no access to personally-identifiable information. Other website statistical software may be experimented with, which would have terms similar to Google Analytics. Note that may be subpoenaed by a court of law to provide information regarding specific users or general user patterns. Although would resist any such attempt at big brother methods of surveillance, we would not deliberately break the law. Additionally, IP addresses that have been identified as spam sources may be reported to anti-spam initiatives or to their ISP. has no control over the privacy policies of websites that we link to. Therefore, always be sure to read these policies when you surf to another site. For the most up-to-date information regarding advertisers or statistical software currently in use, simply check the source code of our pages or ask here.

This privacy policy is a living document and is regularly updated. To be automatically informed about changes, please subscribe to the mailing list. This document was last revised on August 18, 2007.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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