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What-Is-What is proud to present it's Text Link Internet Advertising program. With tens of PR3, PR4 and PR5 webpages of original content, What-Is-What.com can offer your online service creditable, targeted advertising while increasing organic search engine rankings. The program is affordable, flexible, and we are more than happy to create new pages with content relevant to your website.

Advertisement Requirements

Text link advertisements on What-Is-What.com are limited to 3 sentences of text, with 2 links per sentence. A maximum of 300 text characters is imposed. Correct English spelling and grammar are expected, and What-Is-What.com staff may suggest or require changes to the text. Special arrangements may be made, with or without additional payment, for exceptional cases. Additionally, What-Is-What.com staff can help you formulate and phrase effective advertisements.


The current advertising model is based on Google Pagerank. Current rates for one-page charters on a one year basis are as follows:

  • PR 2: $75
  • PR 3: $100
  • PR 4: $150
  • PR 5: $250
  • PR 6: $500

Unranked pages are chartered for the PR 3 price. Currently, that is $100 per year. Special pages, such as the homepage, "About Us" pages, contact pages, and the like, are handled differently. Additionally, we can provide monthly or even weekly charters, and we offer discounts on large orders. Renewed charters are calculated with the PR at the time of renewal, not the PR at the time of the original charter. Note that advertisements are nonexclusive, and other advertisers may charter the same page as you. Exclusive advertisements are available. What-Is-What.com determines Google Pagerank with the SearchStatus Firefox extension. If you have an alternative method for determining PR, or your PR estimate is different than ours, then we can discuss an alternative method.

Website Acceptance Policies

To be accepted to the program, websites should not contain sexual, vulgar, or illegal content. Online pharmacies, gambling websites, websites that promote or teach hacking methods, and websites associated with spam will also not be accepted. Advertisement links should be to webpages with Google PR 1 or better. Unranked pages should be in a directory with at least PR 1. Pages with PR 0 will not be accepted into the program. This is because Google marks pages identified with spam or inappropriate content with PR 0. By linking to these pages, What-Is-What.com is assuming a risk of being associated with these websites and therefore suffering search engine penalization. The same algorithms that help websites advertised via text links gain high search engine rankings, penalize websites that link to pages of questionable content.

New Page Creation

If none of the current What-Is-What.com articles are relevant to your website, then we are more than happy to add a new article. What-Is-What.com adds new pages of original content on a regular basis, and we can write an article on almost any topic that you need. Note that we cannot accept prewritten content nor can we word an article to be favorable towards any particular brand or product. What-Is-What.com prides itself on objectivity, and our articles are not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice. We strive to maintain a high level of factual accuracy, and will not sacrifice that accuracy in the interest of selling advertising. You are free to examine new articles before chartering advertising, and we gladly accept suggestions for improvements, but we will not include references to facts that we cannot independently verify.

Exclusive Charters

What-Is-What.com can offer exclusive advertisements on uncharted pages. If the page that you are interested in currently has advertisements, and you would like an exclusive advertisement on that page, then please state this and we will see when the page will become available. We also remove the Google Adsense advertisements from exclusively chartered pages. The price of an exclusive charter is three times the price of a regular charter. For instance, a PR 4 page chartered exclusively for one year would cost $450.


What-Is-What.com prefers PayPal as our payment gateway. We are a Verified US PayPal member since July, 2000. We can accept many other forms of payment, however, the advertiser must pay any handling fees associated with the payment. Be sure to specify your preferred payment method when contacting us. Note that most credit cards can be processed by PayPal without requiring the advertiser to open a PayPal account.

Policy Flexibility

Note that all policies, with the exception of our original content objectivity policy, are flexible. Just ask and we can work something out. The What-Is-What.com staff is interested in building the same lifelong relationships with our advertisers as we build with our readers. However, we do reserve the right to reject advertisers or websites for any reason. For more information, please contact us.

Arrange A Consultation

The first step in chartering a text link advertisement on What-Is-What.com is to contact us. Please state what pages you are interested in, how long you would like to charter them, the text of your advertisements, your preferred payment method, and any other details of particular concern. We will promptly respond with a price quote and further details. We require payment only after the advertisements are in place, at the beginning of the chartered term, up to a maximum of 10 advertisements. That means that we will publish the first 10 of your advertisements before requiring payment. It is understood and assumed that payment will be processed promptly, and What-Is-What.com reserves the right to remove advertisements which have yet to be paid one week after posting them.

To begin advertising, please fill out our contact form.

This advertising policy is a living document and is regularly updated. To be automatically informed about changes, please subscribe to the What-Is-What.com mailing list. This document was last revised on January 12, 2012.


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