What is the iPhone?


The iPhone is an integrated cellular telephone and media player developed and marketed by Apple. The device combines the main functions of several popular electronic gadgets in a single device, with a shared interface and integration between them. In addition to its primary function as a cellular telephone, the iPhone includes a music and video player, digital camera, PDA, and an Internet communications suite. Although the iPhone runs Apple's OS-X operating system, the device is not expected to run all OS-X compatible software. Additionally, the phone lacks certain cutting-edge features expected in any new state of the art cellphone, such as 3G connectivity and a user-replaceable battery. Rumors of the iPhone have catalyzed the founding of iPhone forums, wikis, and communities long before the device was formally announced.

The iPhone makes extensive use of data and hardware synchronization between its individual components. When used as a media player, the volume of the current song fades down as a phone call is received. Similarly, the music fades back to its previous volume when the call ends. The camera can be used to make video calls in addition to still and video pictures, and pictures taken with the camera can be used to identify contacts in the phone book. The bluetooth connectivity can stream either music or calls to Apple's redesigned bluetooth headset. Additionally, the iPhone's touchscreen was specifically designed to control all the device's functions without the need for a stylus.

One day after publicly announcing the iPhone, Cisco Systems filed lawsuit against Apple for trademark infringement. Cisco claims exclusive rights to the iPhone name, which was registered by InfoGear Technology Corporation in 1999. The following year Cisco had acquired InfoGear, and thus the iPhone trademark as well. Additionally, at least two other companies been granted trademarks to the name iPhone in various countries, with at least one product coming to market. Apple contends that Cisco's iPhone trademark was abandoned, despite Cicso having launched rebranded Linksys VOIP handsets under the iPhone name in late 2006.

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