What is the Razr?


The Razr is a cellular telephone designed, manufactured, and sold by Motorola. The Razr's distinctive feature is it's unusual proportions, being wider and thinner than most models available at the time of it's introduction. It's flip-phone body and flush keyboard, complemented by the unit's extremely low weight, make the Razr one of the most comfortable phones to operate. Advanced features such as the dual display, video camera, speakerphone, and bluetooth support make the Razr as functional as it is stylish, and help justify the high price of the device.

The GSM Razr V3 cellphone was introduced to the market in 2004, outselling all other flip-phone designs within one year of it's release and becoming the top-selling cellphone of all time before it's second birthday. Numerous models and variations were sold, with improved cameras, CDMA as well as GSM models, increased internal memory, and memory card slots. In May 2007, Motorola upgraded the Razr brand with the Razr2. Boasting two internal cameras, an improved external screen, and automatic voice leveling system, the new phones are expected to outsell even the original Razr V3. The Razr2 is 2 mm thinner than the V3, and runs the stable open source Linux operating system.

Although the Razr is considered a runaway hit, the phone is not without criticism. The small Li-Ion battery drains after seven hours of regular use, and even faster if a bluetooth headset is used. Typical of Motorola cellphones, the Razr's menu system is considered cumbersome and difficult to use. The die-cut metal keypad lacks tactile feedback, and joints are often not sealed properly, allowing dust to enter the case. The build quality of some Razr V3 models was notoriously poor, with bent and warped panels being common traits of the phone. Additionally, the screen is protected by a glare-prone translucent cover as opposed to an anti-glare coating. This, combined with the low level of backlighting, make outdoor use of the Razr very difficult.

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