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Sitepoint is a web and media publisher, and software developer. Their main product is the sitepoint.com website, from which they promote their online tutorials, forums, and print books. In addition to the traditional online revenue model based upon advertising, Sitepoint also focuses on video subscriptions, web development kits, Java-based software development, and an advanced classified service and product listings.

The original Sitepoint website, webmaster-resources.com, was launched in 1998. Instantly popular, the forum and survey site was rebranded two years later when its founder, Matt Mickiewicz, partnered with Mark Harbottle to create sitepoint.com. In 2001 sitepoint.com's popular PHP/MySQL tutorial was republished and printed in paper form. Following the book's success, the company expanded to offer the Editize Java content management system. Several more books have since been published, and the sitepoint.com website has been expanded to include web-building and design articles, expanded forums, kits, surveys, and videos. Additionally, the forums were expanded with a classified marketplace, and more recently, personal blogs.

The sitepoint.com website has been one of the top 1000 most popular websites (as rated by alexa.com) since early 2005, and since mid 2006 has been in the top 250. The site claims over two and a half million unique visitors per month and over twenty million page views. Additionally, Sitepoint has published over one thousand web articles, and sold in excess of 50,000 print books. The Sitepoint newsletter has a reach of 425,000 subscribers, and almost 150,000 members visit the sitepoint.com forums.

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