What is A Webpage?


A webpage is a document that is designed to be displayed in a web browser. A webpage usually contains text and images formatted in HTML. Occasionally, other types of content are also embedded in webpages, such as Flash videos and music files. Webpages are so called because they are said to reside on the World Wide Web. In fact, the World Wide Web is, by definition, the complete collection of publicly accessible webpages that are published on the Internet. A collection of webpages pertaining to the same topic, and hosted on the same domain, is called a website.

Usually, webpages are stored on web servers, and accessed via the HTTP protocol for display in a web browser. The browser parses the HTML code in which the webpage is written and presents it in a form that a human can understand. Usually, this is in the form of a flat document displayed on a computer screen. Other possibilities include the printing of the document, reading the text out loud to the human operating the computer (in the case of handicapped users, for example), and reformatting the HTML document as a different format for storage or display on another device.

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The HTML markup language, in which webpages are written, is considered an international standard. However, not all web browsers interpret HTML in the same way. Therefore webpages that are poorly written may not display the same in different web browsers, and often not even in different versions of the same browser. Many of the features of today's web pages came about during the Browser Wars, a period in which Netscape and Microsoft raced to add new features to their products. Because many of these features were non-standard, or standardized after the fact, these two popular platforms interpret code differently unto this day. Currently, Netscape (and its Firefox derivative) is known to display webpages closer to the way the latest standard specifies, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer forsakes standards compliance in order to keep compliance with Microsoft's own FrontPage design program (which produces non-standard code). However, the web browser that is considered to most closely follow the standards is Opera, which displays standard webpages with near 100% accuracy.

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