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What is Telepresence?

Telepresence is the action or simulation of remote attendance. Although true stimulation of all five human senses from a remote environment is not possible with current technology, high-quality remote video and audio feeds are termed telepresence for... [more]

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking service that allows users to post profiles and interact with the profiles of other users. It was founded in February 2004 and is currently reckoned to have 750 million active users. The site was founded by four Harvard... [more]

What is Git?

Git is an open source version control system. Git is developed and maintained by the creator of the Linux kernel. Git stores complete files each time the user commits his changes, making recovery and version-diffing reliable, responsive, and simple. ... [more]

What is Appspy? is an iPhone game review website. Founded in February 2010 by Australian media production firm Hyper Focus Media, Appspy provides objective game reviews, iPhone news, ... [more]

What is Go-oo?

Go-oo is a community-developed fork of Sun's Open Office office suit. Go-oo contains features and improvements that for technical or legal reasons cannot be included in Sun's version of Open Office. Most Linux distributions today use Go-oo instead of... [more]

What is a URL?

URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. URL is the technical term for what is often called a "web address". It is the address by which computers and documents on the Internet can be located. The URL was invented by Tim Berners-Lee as one of h... [more]

What is Storm?

The Storm Botnet is a distributed computer network consisting of computers remotely controlled without their owner's knowledge. Computers in the Storm Botnet are home and small office machines running the Microsoft Windows operating system which have... [more]

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

A hybrid car is an automobile that has two or more major sources of propulsion power. Most hybrid cars currently marketed to consumers have both conventional gasoline and electric motors... [more]

What is Teleportation?

Teleportation is the transfer of physical objects from one place to another, distant place, without transferring the physical particles that constitute the original object. By most definitions, the object in its original location is either destroyed ... [more]

What is a Decibel?

The decibel is the common measure of sound intensity and radio signal strength. Although it has never been ratified by any governing standards body, its suitability to measuring ratios and losses has led to widespread adoption of the decibel in indus... [more]


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