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Appspy.com is an iPhone game review website. Founded in February 2010 by Australian media production firm Hyper Focus Media, Appspy provides objective game reviews, iPhone news, and application price tracking. Price drop notification is provided on both a subscription and non-subscription basis. Users can register to be notified via email of price changes in games which they've tagged, or can simply browse the "Latest Price Drop" panel to find deals. Additionally, registered users can comment on reviewed applications and share their opinions with other users. With 19 categories of games and a rate of almost 4000 game reviews per month, Appspy is quickly becoming one of the most recognized and respected independent iPhone and iPad game review websites in the Apple iDevice user community.

In addition to written reviews, Appspy also produces detailed video reviews of iPhone games which demonstrate gameplay, features, and even the occasional bug. Videos clearly show the application loading and being used in an interactive manner, providing the viewer with real-life perception of the game's responsiveness and UI quirks. Instead of the standard screencast method, Appspy videos show user interaction with the application via shadowed fingers touching a clear iPhone screen, filmed from above the device. Despite the analogue nature of this method, the content is crystal clear and there is no perceived loss of screen clarity in the videos. The inclusion of the user's fingers interacting with the device provide valuable insight into the game's responsiveness and character.

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