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What is Quicken?

Quicken is a financial management program developed and distributed by Intuit. In addition to standard financial management functions such as bill sorting, investments organization, and printing expense reports, Quicken also allows users to write che... [more]

What is QuickTime?

QuickTime is a digital audio and video suite developed by Apple. Available for free download from Apple's website, the QuickTime Player is a media player available bundled with or without iTunes for the Apple OS-X and Microsoft Windows operating syst... [more]

What is QWERTY?

QWERTY is the name of the single most common keyboard layout. It derives its name from the first six letters of the layout, as they are pronounceable in every language that uses the layout. All Latin-based languages use some derivative of the QWERTY ... [more]

What is RAM?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is a type of computer memory akin to a person's short-term memory. Data that must be accessed quickly is kept in RAM, such as running applications and open files. When a computer does not have enough RAM... [more]

What is the Razr?

The Razr is a cellular telephone designed, manufactured, and sold by Motorola. The Razr's distinctive feature is it's unusual proportions, being wider and thinner than most models available at the time of it's introduction. It's flip-phone body and f... [more]

What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is a type of computer program that hides its presence from the administrator of the machine. Usually installed as malware, rootkits are very difficult to detect and remove because they erase all evidence of their presence. Often, the only v... [more]

What is a Router?

A router is a computer hardware component that directs data between networks, or within a single network. Often, consumer-grade routers are used to connect several home computers to a single Internet connection, and/or to each other. Commercial route... [more]

What is RSS?

RSS is a method whereby a website or server can provide a simple summary of its newest content. An RSS file is called a feed. Although this feed is delivered over the Internet just like a webpage, its format is not compatible with standard web browse... [more]

What is a Server?

A server is a computer program that responds to a request from another program. Server software is generally not run in a standalone fashion, rather, end-user software usually interfaces with server software in a distributed manner. Additionally, a c... [more]

What is Sex?

The term "sex" refers to both the reproductive abilities of a particular organism, and also to the act of initiating reproduction by procreation. Not all organisms reproduce by the sexual b... [more]


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